Friday, March 30, 2007

Out of hibernation

Well, I figured I'd better post and let everyone know I'm still alive and well. A lot and not much has gone on since I last posted. (Is that an oxymoron or what??) Medically I have been through a lot but all with good results. Had my 5 yr MRI ck-up for my tumor and that showed all clear, but they saw something else on my pharynx that they wanted me to have checked out by a specialist. I went and had that done and after my appt with him, he was not concerned with that but found a lump on my thyroid. So I had to go have an ultrasound done for that, a biopsy and bloodwork. Ultrasound and biopsy results show negative for any cancer, but I do have an underactive thyroid, so I am now on medication for that. No big deal. Had my mamagram, that came back good. So all in all I'll live for another year or so, God willing.
Still have a personal issue going on here at home. Not quite sure how that is going to turn out. That is what has kept me away. Not that the computer has anything to do with it, but my mind has just been preoccupied. Also had some computer problems that I think I finally have taken care of. I have reformatted my hard drive twice in the last couple months. I am now using Firefox browser and it is proving to be MUCH better than Internet Explorer. I also am using my IP's security program. So hopefully those two things will keep my computer running smoothly.
The end of the winter season is not my favorite time of year. By the time Feb rolls around, if there is no good snow, then I am ready for Spring. Cold, wet, windy. Time for me to go into hibernation. The sun is finally starting to shine and temps are getting above 60. Actually it got into the 80's for a day or two, but rains came and that didn't last. But nice weather is right around the corner and guess what that means?? GOLF!! Yea! I can't wait.
I am looking into going back to school. I took a placement test and have an appt with a counselor next week. I am looking at getting a degree and certification as an ultrasound technician. Not sure if I have the qualifications and exactly all it is going to take, but I'm taking the first steps.

Well, that's a quick update on me. Hope everyone is doing well. I will slowing make it around to check in with each of you. I'm sure it will be a while before many of you make it around here, but I hope to hear from y'all soon. Take care!!!