Friday, March 19, 2010

I am a victim!

I confess - I have become prey to the quick weight loss, infomercial mentality. I couldn't help myself. My daughter and I went to our neighbors house to visit yesterday and there, in the middle of her floor, was the "Ab C*rcle Pro". Now, I have seen this advertised but honestly had no desire to purchase it. My daughter and I both tried it out and soon decided we HAD to have one. After only a few rotations you could feel the workout in your abs and hips. They sell for about $200.oo at your local retailers, but I'm a big fan of craigs list, so when I got home I checked in our area and found someone selling it for much less. It was hardly used and he is being shipped overseas and his fiance is moving so they were trying to get rid of it. As fate would have it he had only posted it 5 minutes before my call. I was destined to be the owner of this miracle machine! He was available that very night so we met and I brought my new 'get skinny' machine to it's new home. I have vowed not to let this become another dust collector. I used it for the first time last night and then for a bit this morning. I need to develop some kind of a routine, which is going to be hard with my work schedule, but we'll see how it goes. If all goes as planned and I follow the short routine a few days a week as the manual says, I should have a fitness model figure! They wouldn't lie would they?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Accidental Thinker

Yes, I have been absent for a while and come and go much less frequently than in the past, but I still have some of my favorite blogs to visit. One of those is Accidental Thinker. Monique is a very gifted writer and her topics range from humorous and witty to spiritual to thoughtful and inspiring. She has recently published a book with a collection of her posts that I have recently ordered and look forward to receiving. Her most recent post is one I wanted to share, simply because it speaks volumes and truth. You can find it here. She also has some of her favorite posts listed in her side bar. One of my favorites is titled "Where everybody knows your name". Please visit her if you have a few moments. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Fabulous early St. Patricks Day dinner!

My favorite holiday is fast approaching...St Patricks day! Why my favorite? I honestly don't know, maybe it has something to do with the fact it gives me an excuse to drink at 7 a.m. Every St. Patricks Day you can find me at Pub 13 drinking green beer. This year I bought a hat to wear. It is a green cowbow hat with green fur around the edges and the front of it lights up! I go by myself, but there is a regular crowd that shows up every year and it's nice to see them. I'm never alone for long. I started the celebration a little early this year with dinner last night. It was fabulous! A friend had given me a corned vennison. So I put it in the crock-pot and had corned vennison and cabbage. It really was good! Not sure what I'll have on St. Patricks Day. Isn't Shepherds Pie considered Irish? I'll have to do a little looking into that one. Hope all are doing well, sorry I haven't been around but honestly I have no life. It's been pretty much work and that's it. I need to do something about that. No one to blame but myself. Then again, maybe a bit more has been going on and I've just been lazy about posting? Nah....couldn't be that. (wink)