Tuesday, September 23, 2008

To Vote Or Not To Vote

Well, Ches your safe for now. My son didn't pass his test. He had one small boo-boo. Actually he did very well, but for the red light he almost ran. That was an automatic failure. Poor kid, he was so upset with himself. Well, we have it rescheduled for the 11th of October. I'm sure he'll do much better.

It's that time of the year again. Voting. Ugh! I am so tired of all the political calls and commercials etc. But I do have a cute story to share with you. My daughter is 18 this year and I asked her if she had registered to vote. She replied that she wasn't going to vote. She said she didn't know anything about any of the candidates. I told her there are ways to get information and she should vote on what's important to her. I told her if I don't know anything else about the candidates, I vote pro-life. That is what is important to me. She said if she voted one way then her boyfriends mom, Cindy, would be mad at her and if she voted the other way then I would be mad at her. I told her that she didn't have to share with anyone who she voted for. She said that Cindy would drag it out of her. Well that pretty much ended the conversation. A couple of days later there was some political literature in the mail that I had tossed on the kitchen counter. She happened to glance at it and the fireworks started going off. Apparently it was something about hunting rights being taken away. She was hollering that no one was going to take away her right to hunt! That's not right! etc, etc. She made quite a scene. That's when I told her that she needed to vote to protect what is important to her. I think she is going to register. LOL. I'm a little disappointed that she found that more important than right-to-life, but I did find it amusing. I hope all of you vote this year.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Not enough hours in the day!!

No, I didn't disappear again, things have just been kinda busy. On the days I work I don't have time to post because I need sleep. On days when I'm off I get caught up on things I didn't get done when I was working. Somethings not right here! Well, dog-gone-it, I'm going to make time!
It is SO wonderful hearing from y'all! Norman, please email me!!! I've lost all my contacts and don't have your address. Kris, I got your post and will be in touch soon.
My youngest son goes to take his drivers test tomorrow. So if you live in the lower SE part of MI I suggest you use great caution in driving. Ches, this means you!!
As you can see I got my video working. I found a different site. I think there are 5 songs on my list and you can actually choose which one you want to listen to. Each of them has kind of a special meaning to me right now in my life. The first one is one of my favorites. I just love the video.
Oh, another thing taking up my time. We have a new addition to our family. She is a 4 month old Brittany Spaniel. She is a real sweetie! She was going to the shelter if we didn't pick her up that day. She is a hand full though! I will post pictures later.
Okay, well I need to run. Smile! and live life to it's fullest!