Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Driving and Kittens

Well, my son finally passed his drivers test. We went to the Sect. of State office yesterday and got his license. He's now on the road! Don't say I didn't warn you. Usually we are lucky to be out the door by 7:45 when I take him to school. This morning, his first morning of driving himself to school, he was out the door at 7 sharp and went to McD's for breakfast and at school by 7:30. We'll see how long this lasts.
Oh, I don't think I have told ya'll this yet. I am now sitting in my bedroom typing away on my new laptop. Maybe now I will post a little more often. I love it! A friend bought it for me. Yes, a very good friend ;) Actually, he was going to get me a Dell. I protested every which way I could, but he is stubborn. After resigning to the fact that he was going to do this, I told him if he was going to pay for one, at least let me pick out the one I wanted. So I got this Toshiba. So far I am really pleased with it. That is what we got our daughter for graduation. I hear only good things about them, so we shall see. The only thing that is wrong is that I can't get my F buttons to work and my scroll feature on my mouse pad isn't working. But that is my fault. I was playing with buttons and features and somehow or another I locked it and can't figure out what I did. Oh Well.
My kitty finally had her kittens. She is just a kitten herself. She had 2 kittens but only one survived. I think one was too weak, plus she is not a great mommy. She doesn't want to stay with them. She keeps bringing me her little one and dropping it at my feet like she wants me to babysit. But he/she is a fiesty little thing. A little climber. At least I only have to find a home for one kitten. I need to get her fixed before this happens again.
Well, I think I am going to go golfing this morning while the weather is still nice. Before too long it is going to be too cold. Hope everyone is doing well and I will make the rounds a little later this morning.