Saturday, October 22, 2005

You asked....100 things about me...

1. I have to copy Cheryl here…I’m a Christian..(hope you don’t mind Cheryl)
2. I am Catholic and love my faith.
3. Mother of 3 wonderful yet challenging teenagers. (Is there one that isn’t?)
4. Married to my husband of 19 ½ years.
5. I was in the Army for 4 years.
6. That is where I met my husband.
7. I spent one year of it in Korea.
8. I loved country (music) when country wasn’t cool, when I was in high school.
9. My husband taught me to 2-step.
10. Can’t sit still when I hear oldies, especially Motown.
11. I’m most comfortable in a pair of blue jeans
12. But I do like wearing skirts too.
13. And I love wearing boots in the Fall and Winter.
14. I had a brain tumor removed in 2002.
15. Because of the surgery I am deaf in my right ear
16. And the right side of my face is partially paralyzed.
17. I wear a patch over my right eye occasionally because it doesn’t blink and gets dried out.
18. I am the oldest of 8 children
19. Have a wonderful relationship with all my brothers and sisters.
20. Was born in Louisiana but lived most of my life in Georgia.
21. In my heart I’ll always be a Southern Gal no matter where I live.
22. Love Cajun food (it’s in my blood)
23. Love seafood
24. Love Mexican food
25. Love….ok, lets just say I love food!
26. I need to lose a few lbs,(Hmmm, wonder why?)
27. I tan easily and stay dark almost all year
28. My favorite color is purple.
29. Before having kids I was an Air Traffic Controller.
30. My hair is light brown, but I always wanted Auburn hair.
31. I wore braces as a teenager.
32. Took out my bottom retainer with a pair of needle-nose pliers.
33. I like large dogs.
34. I have a Doberman and a Rhodesian Ridgeback.
35. My first car was an MG convertible (have I mentioned I miss that car?)
36. I’m a terrible flirt. Not really, actually I’m pretty good at it. ;)
37. I was paralyzed from my waist down for 2 ½ months when I was a little. (I felldown some basement stairs)
38. I go to church every Sunday and have only been late once but that doesn’t count because the priest was late too!
39. Taught CCD (Sunday school) for 8 years
40. I love to sing but I’m terrible! Can’t carry a tune in a bushel basket.
41. My favorite mixed drink is a Pina Colada but I like most anything
42. I like my Margarita’s on the rocks, not frozen.
43. I like beer too.
44. I can eat with chopsticks
45. One of my favorite things in life to do is camp
46. and my favorite smell is a campfire.
47. Some of my favorite memories are backpacking the Appalachian Mt.s
48. and camping with my family at Lake Lanier
49. I almost always see the glass as half full
50. One of my worst faults is procrastination
51. I got my belly pierced this year with my teenage daughter
52. I like to play euchre
53. I enjoy cooking
54. and I’m pretty good at it if I say so myself (my family does)
55. I’m pretty easy going
56. I want my tombstone to read “No big deal”
57. because that’s how I live life.
58. I’m a very patient person
59. until you put me behind the wheel of a car.
60. This is my 2nd marriage.
61. My first was right out of high school but only lasted 7 months.
62. Let’s just say he had a wicked temper.
63. I get very nervous whenever I fly.
64. I like driving, even long distances.
65. I admit it – I’m an American Idol fan
66. I like to stay up late
67. and sleep late in the morning (but don’t get the chance very often)
68. With out coffee first thing in the morning I can’t function
69. I play golf fairly decently
70. I enjoy shooting skeet
71. I was once called Annie Oakley
72. I enjoy fishing, even when I don’t catch anything
73. I can get up and water ski on one ski.
74. Never went to college
75. but wish I had
76. Got suspended from school on my 16th birthday for smoking behind the school
77. Used to shoot pool on a Busch pool league
78. Met Paul Newman at a race in Atlanta
79. He even offered to buy me a hotdog.
80. I’ve ridden in a car at ATL motor speedway at 100 mph.
81. I’ll go to 4 or 5 card shops if I have to, to find that ‘just right’ card for someone.
82. I’m a ‘ham’, for those of you that don’t understand that – I have my amateur radio license.
83. My favorite holiday is Christmas.
84. I love giving much more than receiving.
85. My two favorite Christmas movies are “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”
86. and “Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus”
87. I still believe in Santa
88. One of my most memorable presents I got was 2 Tom Jones Albums.
89. I’m a sucker for tear jerker movies and songs. I’ll cry at the silliest of things.
90. I don’t like to wear make-up except for lipstick occasionally.
91. I like canoeing down a river.
92. I have a very crooked 2nd toe on each foot. It’s a family trait.
93 I wear a size 13 slim shoe (that’s a men’s 11 narrow)
94. I have very few regrets in life
95. but one is that I did not stick with my golf when I was a teenager.
96. I can ride a motorcycle.
97. I like doing jig-saw puzzles.
98. Have to have lots of blankets on me at night.
99. Organization is definitely NOT one of my strengths,
100. But being compassionate, thoughtful, and caring are.


McSwain said...

Of course I don't mind you copying my number one. It's a number one I would love to see more often!! This is such a cool list--it seemed shorter than 100. We do have a lot in common, and I think it would be a blast to go camping with you! #100 is great, and I'll bet it makes you a terrific CCD teacher!

Love, love, love that Motown. I have stories about Motown...

curious servant said...

That's quite the list.

My favorite smell is petrichor (the smell of rain after a long dry spell).

Pirate said...

We have a lot in common since I kept it to 100 as well I could have easily listd many of the same as your list.

I can not handle more then a sheet and maybe one blanket to sleep. Mrs. Pirate says I'm like a heater when I sleep.

Love food myself and love making a big deal over Sunday dinners.

You have a lucky family.

FTS said...

I'm laughing at #11 because of the post of mine you commented on today. #24 is cool, too. But... #1 is the most important. :)

Thanks for stopping by today!

chesneygirl said...

Love your list, Pat!!!

I did not know about #5!

I know that #10 is true, I witnessed you do it! ;) (or should I say NOT do it)

#27 is true for me too.

#29 is cool!

#42 & 98 me too!!

Thank you for sharing this!! I love reading these.

David said...

What a cool list. Sounds like you are a Southern girl - can't beat them.

4evergapeach said...

Thanks David, that reminds me of one more.....I love grits!

Carol-anne said...

I always love reading these...

Thanks for sharing...