Saturday, February 06, 2010

Creative juices are flowing!

Ugh....I am so infected with cabin fever, it is not funny! I just lose all motivation for anything. I suppose this is why I have been working so much over-time. The $$ is good too! I am a southern girl and this cold, snow and wind is just not my cup of tea. Hopefully the nice weather will be here soon. Did that goofy ground hog see his shadow? I hope not! But either way, my calander shows that winter is for 6 more weeks regardless.

On to other things...My daughter thinks I am nuts. I thought of a slogan for Yoplait yogurt and I actually went to their web site and submitted it. She thinks it's dorky, but I think it has a ring to it. They always have a girl eating yogurt and she says "It's so good" My suggestion is this - "It's not just so good, it's Yo good!" Someone has probably already thought of it but oh well. Hope everyone is doing good!