Monday, July 31, 2006

The weekend

Not a bad weekend, all in all. Had to work both days, but had some fun in between. Friday had couples golf. We didn't do too terribly bad, split the points and enjoyed the company. After golf went and had a wonderful fish dinner! I don't think I'll eat fish anywhere else again. Small town near here called Bridgewater has a little place called the Bank (used to be the town bank). Really good food. If you live any where near there, I highly recommend it.

After work Sat I played euchre up at the golf course. That's always a fun time! When I got home I did something completely out of character for me (well, maybe not)....I went swimming. Here it is about 11:30 at night, nobody around, so, wearing nothing but my birthday suit, I jumped in. Had the radio on and a Mikes Hard Lemonade and swam around for about an hour. It really was wonderful, I may do it again tonight.

Sun went to church then off to work till almost 7. Got home and went for a drive into the Irish Hills looking at some campsites (I'll explain that one later) then went for dinner at Golden Nugget.

Weather has been really hot, but I'm not complaining. I love it! Only wish I could spend more time in it rather than being inside working. Tomorrow my daughter and I are going shopping at Victoria Secret. After my little swimming episode Sat night my dogs got my favorite bra. So I have to go replace it plus I needed another anyway. Then we are going out to lunch at Olive Garden. My daughter has been wanting me to take her to the 'all you can eat' soup, salad and breadstick lunch that they have. It should be a fun time together.

I love this video! The music and the dancing are so much fun. I would love to go see 'RiverDance' if they are ever near here.

Hope your weekend was great and you enjoy the rest of the week!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Burgundy. That seems to be the concensus. Most like it though, if not at least they were kind enough not to say anything. I like it, although I would really like it a bit more Auburn and less burgundy. At least this is not permanent. What?! You thought it was? Ha! Not quite that brave yet. This is one of those color jobs that washes out after 28 shampoos or so. I really may consider something a bit more permanent though after this washes out. Just not sure if I will try it myself or have it done. We shall see.

I've gone back to playing a video on my blog. Seems they have changed their format and maybe it will be a bit safer. I love music, especially country, so it just makes this blog a little more 'me'.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Michelob meets Miss Clairol

Alcohol and haircolor. Two words that probably shouldn't be together in the same sentence. I had a few beers yesterday while golfing, then a few in the club house and when I got home I got this wild idea to color my hair. Actually, I've had the box of haircolor up in my bathroom for a while but just hadn't gotten around to using it. (ok, I've been chicken) So any way, I figure this will help get my mind off of things for a while so I proceed to open box, put on gloves and read the directions. This can't be too difficult, you wet your hair and apply color.....right? Said something else about testing for correct amount of time, but who needs to go through all that. Recommends about 10 min (or whatever your test time was) plus if your trying to color grey then leave an additional 10. I figure 15 is about right. Now is that 15 minutes from when you begin applying color or 15 after you have meticulously squeezed some color onto each section that you have parted, then added remainder and massaged in, taking about 10 min in itself to do? Details, details. Ok, now that color is applied I set timer for 15 min then leave kitchen. I get preoccupied doing something and I hear "Mom! Your timer is going off!" Oops. How long has that been going off? No biggie, couldn't have been too awfully long. Now, rinse. Apply conditioner. Count to 120 or a little more to condition it good. Rinse. Towel dry. Now lets go look in that mirror and see what we have.......

I'll let you know when I can come up with the right words to describe this color....:)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

No Luck

I've only got a quick minute. Needless to say, I have gotten no responses from my 'Want Ad'. Oh well, I tried.

Things around here are busy as usual. I've been putting in a few extra hours at the golf course. The owners wife, who works some evenings, is off to Notre Dame for a twirling championship with her girls, so I have filled in some.

My daughter has found a new job. Guess where? She'll be working with me at Cabela's! She's going to be in the womens/kids clothing dept. I really think she'll enjoy it and do well.

Weather has been Wonderful! Hot! Just like I like it. These Northerners don't know how to handle it though, they think I'm crazy. I only wish it lasted longer.

Well, that's it for now folks...gotta run! Hope everyone is happy and has a great week!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Want Ad

Seeking a longer day. Prefer 30 - 36 hours. No experience neccessary. Mild to moderate temps preferable. Extreme cold and full time rain need not apply. 24 hours of day light required. Position available immediately. Apply at

Monday, July 10, 2006

Holiday is over

Holiday week is over so I guess most of you are back on a full schedule. For me it's about the same. Last week was fairly uneventful as far as the 4th goes. When the kids were little it was all about fireworks and vacation. Now that they are older they want to spend it with friends. Speaking of older, my youngest son turned 15 yesterday. I can't believe it! He is actually taller than me now, and I'm no shortie at 5'10". For a month now my kids are stair-stepped, 15, 16, 17.

Sat. night my son and I played night golf. That was a HOOT! Some of you might remember my post from last year about this. Glow balls were flying all over that course! Don't even ask my score, I didn't keep track....but I did have fun.

Nothing much else going on. Still working 7 days a week. Makes it hard to do much else, but at least I like both my jobs. Hope everyone has a great week!

Multitasking: The ability to screw up several things at the same time.