Thursday, December 08, 2005

The reason for the season

*addendum at bottom*

Many of you have posted your Christmas rants so I figured I'd throw in my $.02 worth.

Oddly enough one of my favorite parts of Christmas is sending Christmas cards. There are some old friends I only hear from at Christmas time, but that is ok. I am not complaining, I am glad we have this time of year when we think of others and send greetings letting them know they are still fondly thought of.

Sending/giving cards has always been a very personal thing for me. I have been known to go to 1/2 dozen stores and card shops before I find that "right" card. Christmas time is no different, although I do buy the box of cards instead of individual cards for each person. But I still have to find the "right" card. I have been to many stores looking for cards to send this year, but I had an extrememly difficult time. It seems over the years there seem to be less and less spiritual cards and more Santa, humor, and simply 'Happy Holidays' cards. There was the card that showed Santa and his sleigh of reindeer on an outhouse that said "Rudolph, I said the Schmidt house!" Then there's the scene of a bunch of cute little animals standing around a Christmas tree lit up in the forest. Or how about the ones with a beautiful winter scene of a farm house and a horse drawn sleigh in the snow. I enjoy humor and cute as much as the next person, and if there is no snow in Miami, FL does this mean it's not Christmas?

My point is this - What do any of these have to do with Christ being born? I'm sorry people but this is the Christmas season and that is what I am celebrating. That is the day that gives us the holiday. Without Christmas there would be no holiday.

I came close to choosing a card that said "Happy Holidays" and cross out the 'i' and make it a 'y'. I bet that would have made my point. Well, I finally found some today and I will sit down and make them out tomorrow. I certainly wish I could send each and every one of you a card. Please feel free to email your mailing address if you feel comfortable doing that. I would love to send you one.

The inside says "May His name renew your spirit and bring blessings of peace and joy to you and those you love throughout the coming year. Merry Christmas"

We should be celebrating Christ's birth and not the holidays generated with this special day.

Well, that's my $.02 worth. But who can put a price tag on Christmas?

***I almost forgot.....Today is a special day in the Catholic Church. It is the celebration of the Immaculate Conception. You can go here to read more.


365 said...

I agree with you fully! We are fortunate in the fact that we still can find beautiful Christmas cards among all the funny ones. I am sure your friends who you are sending cards to will appreciate the fact that you went to so much trouble in finding the right one.

chesneygirl said...


I couldn't have said better myself!!

(and Happy Holyday too!) ;)

McSwain said...

Great choice! I look for cards that celebrate Jesus also.

Dorothy said...

Yesterday, I was in a department store and I asked the clerk if she wasn't allowed to say "Merry Christmas" because of it being politically-incorrect and she looked at me puzzled, so I guess she's not on the up about the buzz about retail store clerks not being allowed to say it. As I walked away, I said, "Merry Christmas!" She smiled and said "Merry Christmas" back. Now that made my day.

David said...

And a good two cents worth is was. I totally agree. Any card we send out has Christ in it somewhere. Too bad if that is not politically correct.

FTS said...

You go girl! I'm right there with you! :)

Rachel said...

I agree with you! I searched long and hard to find ones that stated the true meaning of Christmas, but it's HARD to find those cards anymore. Bah Humbug on those who try to change the meaning of Christmas! As the pin says, "Jesus is the reason for the season."

Müzikdüde said...


Pirate said...

Jesus is the reason for the season.

Though I am confident he loves those who ignore his love as much as he loves those of us who do remember his birth.

I am also confident he enjoys the lights and the sleigh rides and all the other joyful things that are displayed during the season, because he is in all things. Especially the things that are joyful and loving.

But I agree with your .02 cents.

Merry Christmas may god bless all of us and let the sleigh bells ring on bobtail...

Live, Love, Laugh said...

Wonderful card, send me one!!! PO Box 641 Sanger, Tx 76266, hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Thanks for commenting on my blog, I know you truly understand what this girl and boy are going through. I try to never judge since I have never walked in another's mocassins. I only hope he makes the right choice.

God Bless you and yours!!

curious servant said...


Well said. In fact, if you would like to say it all over again in a new way, and since you did such a good job at this one, you can have my two cents for the next one!

Merry Christmas!