Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tooth Fairy inflation

I went to the store today, CVS, and the lady in front of me paid with her debit card and asked for $10 back, in 2 $5's. She made a comment about the Tooth Fairy paying a visit. I wasn't quite sure I heard her right and asked "Did you same something about 2 $5's and the Tooth Fairy. She said yes and I must have looked like a fool with my mouth hanging open. I told her the Tooth Fairy left the kind of money that jingles when I was young, and she said "yes, well inflation". Inflation!! Good golly Miss Molly! I may have to pull out a few teeth and make a few extra bucks. I don't know about you, but $5 a tooth is a bit excessive if you ask me. I do hope I haven't offended anyone. Have any of you heard of this much? I couldn't afford to have anymore children!


Monique said...

The tooth fairy leaves $2 per tooth at my house.

Libby said...

OUCH!! i hope tiffany's gonna be prepared for that kind of stuff! she only got a dollar!

Rachel said...

Oh my!! That is quite inflated I think!! I am shocked too!! I figured a dollar was about the going rate, but then I don't know anyone with small kids to ask.