Saturday, August 15, 2009

Blog? What's a blog?

Oh my! Didn't realize so much time had gone by. Not that I have been that terribly busy, but didn't mean to be so neglectful. One thing that I wanted to mention was my youngest son's bd gift. He turned 18 and ever since we moved up here there is one thing he has been wanting to do. Just down the road from us in a small airport that is known for skydiving, and ever since Aubrey saw that he has wanted to jump, but you have to be 18. So what do you think he wanted to do for his 18th bd? Yep! You got it, but it's not cheap. So his brother and I chipped in and bought him a jump. He had the absolute time of his life!! It was a tandem jump, which means you jump strapped to an experience jumper, but the thrill is there all the same. He wants to do it again. They did a free fall for a bit, through clouds, then the shoot opened and they glided for quite a while. He said it was beyond words. I'm happy for him, but to be honest, it is not something I have ever wanted to do. The only thrill thing I dream of doing is white-water rafting. Maybe some day.

Things are pretty much the same. House is still on the market. Have not had any interest in it at all. Market is really bad. My daughter is now waitressing at her job (as opposed to being a hostess), and she starts back to school this week. Well I've had this started since last week so let me post it and see if anyone is still Hope everyone is doing wonderful and finding blessings in their life!


Libby said...

hi pat, i finally made it here! and i am so totally jealous of your son's bd present! i've always wanted to do that!! either that or bungee jump!

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