Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Cinderella story

My daughter was recently asked to prom. She is 20 yr's old and graduated a couple years ago, but she and her girl friend have 2 BFF's that they are good friends with that are graduating this year. I suppose that was an oxymoron - BFF and good friends - I can't really say because I am not completly sure of the meaning of BFF. These young gentlemen (I say that because they are very nice boys) asked my daughter and her friend to prom, which was special for my daughter because she never got to go to her prom. She wore a beautiful light blue satin dress that she borrowed from her friends sister and her friend wore one of my daughters past formal gowns that was brown and pink. Their dates wore matching blue and pink ties. They looked very nice. Their 3rd friend went with her boyfriend and she wore a camo gown and he, a matching tie. They all made very nice couples.
Before the dance they went to Lonestar for dinner. As they were walking into the resturant a little girl saw my daughter and got all excited and started yelling "Ella!, Ella!" and pointing at her. Her mom said, "Yes honey, she does look like Cinderella" My daughter was a princess for a night.


Libby said...

pat, your girl is SO gorgeous!!
as are all, but i know who your girl is!!

Rachel said...

She is beautiful!! They all look great and I'll bet they had a grand time too.

I have never known what BFF stands for. I'm going to google it!

Rachel said...

I looked it up and it said
'best friends forever'

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