Monday, September 12, 2005

Nothing Exciting

Sorry about the lack in posts. Not a whole lot going on with me these days. Hubby still out on strike and no perspective jobs in sight. He has been home 24/7, and I just haven't had much time to sit at computer. At least for the next two weeks he has something to keep him busy and get his mind off of things a bit. Doing some military duty this week and this coming weekend and then going out of town next week for a military excercise.

I have been putting in applications at a number of places, so I'll be working more. At least for a while till we get our feet back on the ground. Things will work out. This is just a little bump in the road. I've got great shocks and strong faith!

1 comment:

chesneygirl said...

"I have been blessed" what a perfect song to match your current post! :-)

Everytime I hear a story about the strike on the news, I always think about you and your family.

Good luck with the job hunt!