Monday, February 27, 2006

A Pirate to the rescue

When your down and out and in a funk, it's nice to have someone to pull you out of it. Friends are like that. I've been suffering the winter doldrums these past few days. Many of you out there in Blogland live in the south where the sunshine is starting to warm things up, my sister in Florida is telling me of 80 degree weather down there and even my husband has turned on me. He is still in TX, but having to suffer through 70+ degree days with a high tomorrow near 80. I told him not to come back unless he brought some of that with him! I was saying....I was in a funk today, but a friend pulled me out of it, if only for a few hours it was nice. He brought to mind some good old music I haven't listened to in a long time. I am a music geared person. Not that I play any instrument or have a degree or anything of that nature, it's just that music is in my soul. I have to say my favorite and most listened to, is country, but my music enjoyment is a hodgepodge of many styles. From classical to country, blues to jazz, oldies to rock, they all strike a cord with me at different moments of my life.

Today I needed some of that good rock to jolt me out of this. My Pirate friend turned me on to some good ole' Lynyrd Skynyrd. I was rocking to Sweet Home Alabama, What's Your Name (Little Girl), and my favorite - Give Me Three Steps. Then I pulled out a couple of old albums, (yes albums, NOT CD's) and cranked up the old turn table and played some Foghat, ZZ Top and even some Boston. My living room floor became my dance floor. Rockin' the night away!

I needed that today. Thanks Pirate! I owe you one.


Barb said...

albums???? you mean those big black CD's??? (that's what my kids used to say :)

curious servant said...

Thank you for your comment.

I wanted to respond to yours, and here is the reply I posted:

I apologigize for implying that the excesses of Mardis Gras reperesent Catholics. I know it does not.

New Orleans' Mardis is simply about a party. It attracts people from all over simply for the booze and the nudity and the general revelry.

I don't want to sound overly prudish and I know the need for folks to blow off steam an this grand party provides that, mostly to non-believers.

I didn't want to get into an analysis of Church history, and the distinctions between faith and culture. I was just mentioning that event in the light of my own desire to become closer to my Lord and that for me I wish to start Lent early because I am excited about my spiritual journey.

I'm sort of saying (to myself) "No, I'm not going to indulge a little (not even a teeny bit of extra) because I know I am going to go without meals and do other disciplines... In fact, I am going to ensure I enter this season with the right focus by giving myself an extra 24 hours of preparation for the season so I may do it better."

I am sorry I did not make this clear in my post.

I think there may be a growing dissent to our culture's carnality. The building of an all Catholic town in Florida for example.

I am also pleased at how courteous and inspiring so many blogs have become. I'm not Catholic, but I am feeling warmer and closer to my Catholic friends and acquantainces all the time.

Hopeful signs.

--Your brother in Him...


curious servant said...

Please reread the passage now. I am sorry for how I worded my thoughts before.

I can see that I wrote it completely from a narrow view of my own and did not consider how it may make others feel. It was poorly written.

You are completely justified in your correction.

What I had written sounded pompous, arrogant, flippant. I was trying to inject a slight touch of humor, and those who know me well know that I have a often clumsy sense of humor.

Thank you for setting me straight.


David said...

Glad your friend reached out to you. Yes winter can get to some of us.

Rachel said...

That's a good friend! Glad the music brought you out of your funk. Sounds like you had fun dancing around the living room! I still have a few albums but not many.

Libby said...

pirate seems to ALWAYS come up with good ideas, doesn't he, peach? by the way..i REALLY need caffeine today!! feel like i'm still asleep!!

Pirate said...

you are more then welcome. i have changed my moods over the years by breaking out the vinyl more then once. I loe seing your list of good country rock. Foghat and ZZ Top. This last week my oldest son who is 18 discovered, "Slow ride" by Foghat. Last night we found Golden Earring's "Radar love" and Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water".

From one eclectic friend to another have a great last day of February.

kristy said...

There's a special corner of hell for people who brag about their sunshine to people who have none. It's true.

Doug Bagley said...

Good ole Skynard. They're sooo great! Local boys from Florida, around Jacksonville. And oh could they do the old Delta Blues. "Mr. Banker," "Curtis Lowe," and "Rafert" are terrific.
Sounds like you did just what you needed to do to pull out of the funk. Pirate's a good friend.