Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Weirdness (or just plain strange)

I've seen this one going around and Chesneysgirl got me! This one is actually hard for me because I don't think there are a lot of weird things about me (although some may disagree :)). The instructions are to list 6 weird things about myself. Ok, here we go:

1. I eat with my left hand. This may not seem weird except for the fact that I am right handed in everything else I do. I have no idea why. I try and eat with my right hand but I just feel so uncoordinated when I do it.

2. My towels have to be folded tri-fold. Just a little pet peeve with me. When my husband or kids do laundry and fold the towels I go back and have to refold them.

3. If I go to a picnic or some function where they are serving hot dogs, I won't eat one unless there is Kraft mayonnaise. Yes! I like mayo with my hot dogs, and Miracle Whip won't do it. Has to be Kraft real mayo.

4. I don't eat them very often, but when I do, I have to eat the chocolate layer around a Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll, then I unroll it and lick the creme filling then eat the chocolate cake part. I swear, I really do!

(break time....I have to think of 2 more....)

5. I LOVE cold leftovers. Pizza, Italian, Chinese, Fried chicken....you name it. I would much rather have it cold than warm it up.

6. Ok people, I'm pulling strings here. I really didn't want to have to share this with you but I have nothing else. It started as a young child. I picked it up from my mom (sorry mom, I'm not going down alone on this one). When cooking anything that has ground beef in it I have to eat a bit of the raw meat. Ok, so I'm a carnivore, what can I say?

Ok, I made it through this. That's about as weird as I get. Now I'm supposed to tag someone else...Hmmm....I'll tag Kris, Libby (her's should be fun!), and Monique. If any of you have already done this I apologize.


Monique said...

Hey, I'm tagged! Does that make me famous? I feel honored. Sorry I didn't catch this sooner, but I will start pondering it right away. May be a few days before I post on it, though, since I just put something special up that I want to keep at the top for a while. I will definitely let you know when I have honored this tag, though. :)

chesneygirl said...

Raw meat and mayo on hot dogs?!?!
You are definately qualified to be called weird! ;)

Thanks for playing along!

Tasha said...

We would actually get along...except for mayo on hotdogs???LOL. I have been tagged and have not done it yet. I am doing mine on Friday! LOL

Live, Love, Laugh said...

Oh yes, you are definately weird in my book, that eating the raw meat did me in! Does your mom really do this too? Hmmm, think yall might need some prayers!

Renee said...

See, I think you did very well documenting your weirdness there. I came out of it thinking 'Man, she's weird!'. Good job! ;^)

Sue said...

I'm with you on the tri fold towels! But you have to go it alone on the mayo on hot dogs and the raw hamburger meat!
Enjoyed reading your list!

MissKris said...

Ha, I did this about a week ago from another person's blog so I'll just leave my link here for you so you can go read it, how's that?


I think if you copy and paste it in your browser it should take you there. Otherwise, I think it was April 14th but I copied it so fast I'm not sure, lol! What a dork I am! On my way out the door to work...will come back and see you weird YOU are later! :-)

Libby said...

Oh, Peach, how did i miss this? Sorry, I'll get right on it...despite your 'dig' at me!! :-D

McSwain said...

I dunno, 1 & 3 both seem pretty darn strange to me. :)

MissKris said...

Eeeeek...I can't believe someone else does the raw meat thing! Well, I USED to do the raw meat thing when I was a kid but I got over it, lol! My whole family used to do it so tell your mom not to feel too bad. I can't eat chocolate pastries anymore and I've never had the Swiss Rolls but I used to do the same thing with the Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes...peel the icing off, then poke my tongue down inside to slurp out all the filling, THEN eat the cupcake. I'm totally left-handed but I do 10-key and use a mouse right-handed, only because it was forced on me to learn it that way at a job back in the 80s in the days before discrimination at the work place. I am pathetic at right-handed computer games 'coz I don't have a lot of dexterity in my right hand but I do a mean 10-key! Enjoyed this post a lot, Pat. Have a GREAT weekend!

Rachel said...

2,3, and 5 I can relate to! Mayo is the best on hotdogs!! I discovered that one time when they were served to me like that by an Aunt. Not to be unpolite and say anything, I ate it and discovered that it was darned good!! I have eaten them like that ever since. Eating the ground beef was weird!! My dog likes to do that but not me! Ha! I've heard of people eating dough too and we did when we were kids, but it doesn't appeal to me now.

Monique said...

Alrighty, I have posted my 6 weird things!

Doug Bagley said...

One man's weird is another man's norality. :)

Barb said...

I'm left handed but do some things right handed....golf, use scissors, mouse, bat, etc. I used to take a little taste of raw hamburger when I was a kid hanging around the kitchen when mom was cooking, but I would never do it now...raw meat scares me :) I tri-fold my towels too.
You aren't really THAT weird ; )