Friday, June 16, 2006

I'm back!!

Alaska was truly awsome! I could have taken pictures of the mountains all day long. I have started a post telling about the trip but blogger is not cooperating with posting the pictures. I have to try and figure out what is going on with it. Has any one else had any problems? It is terribly frustrating. Not that my pictures are worthy of any photography prizes, but I did see a moose! No big deal to those that live in the area, they see them trotting down the road all the time, but I thought it was pretty cool. As soon as I figure out this glitch I'll get this post on as soon as I can. Good to be back!


Sue said...

Welcome back! Was it a cruise, or land trip? Looking forward to pics. I posted tonite, and was able to upload photos OK, but blogger can be really a pain, can't it???

Libby said...

welcome back, pat, we missed you !!
a MOOSE?? they always look fascinating to me!

Doug Bagley said...

Oh man, I can't wait to see the photos of Alaska! I would love to go up there...not in the winter though, lol; spoiled little Floridian that I am.

curious servant said...

Sounds great! I've posted pics this past week... no problems.

Perhaps today.

Looking forward to your post!

David said...

I am jealous - have never seen it except from the airport in Anchorage. SO post pictures.

Renee said...

A moose?! Okay, I have to see it.
Yeah, I had the same problem when we came back from Tenn. I finally gave up. :(