Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Pickin' Wildshrooms

As most of you know, I am a southern girl. I love the south dearly and miss it, but I have tried to make the most out of living up here in the north. I really don't mind the snow (just wish winter didn't last so long!), I have witnessed some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets of my life up here. I have enjoyed living out in the country and small town living. Well, I have found another plus to add to my list......mushrooms! I have never been mushroom hunting and I got a chance to do it for a little bit this past weekend. We went out to a friends property and he brought us out and showed us what morels look like. I now know what a black and white morel look like and how to pick them. But honestly those little buggars are hard to see until you get an eye for them. We didn't find very many. Apparently it is just a bit early in the season and it was a bit dry. I would love to go back out and hunt for more. I cooked up the ones we did get this morning. They were awsome! I am going to have to find a closer place to look for them around here. I just hope I don't pick anything that is going to kill me! I'll have my hubby try them!


Libby said...

peach-sorry...i'm more of a 'boxed sliced mushrooms from the produce aisle' woman...:-)

Rachel said...

Morels, or "Dry land fish" as they are also called, are delicious! You lucky thing to find any!! They are soooo good! I never found over about 4 at one time.

chesneygirl said...

I've never been shroom hunting... I didn't realize you really could down here... I thought the best shroom hunting was up north.

But I LOOOVE mushrooms!!!

june said...

Hiya from England, I was laughing about your son and the eggs, I have two sons both grown and they are similar .... worse !! so is hubby. I sent him shopping recently and he threw all kinds in the basket ... at the checkout though, he thought he had been overcharged when he had to pay lol. Nearly had a heart attack hehe.
Nice blog here by the way
Hugs June xxx

Doug Bagley said...

Hey Peach, save the hilucinative mushrooms for me, LOL. Oh, go easy on your son. When he is out on his own he'll, like many of us men, will learn the hard way.