Monday, February 16, 2009

Flushing blogrolling!

I have finally given up with blogrolling. My Coffee Breaks list on the side bar is a bit outdated and I am using blogrolling for that list and they have been down for quite some time now. So this morning my one accomplishment is going to be updating that list and putting it into my template. If any of you have a better way of doing this I'm open to suggestions! I have a couple of new readers that I would like to add to that list, so if you don't see your site on there and wouldn't mind me adding you to my Coffe Break list please let me know and I'd love to add you. This is not the Big Change I was referring to in my earlier post. That is still yet to come. Next week. Come on, you can wait one more week! Patience is a virtue. (I have been quite patient with Blogrolling and will possibly use it again once they are up and running again)Have a wonderful week everyone!


Susie said...

I love Google Reader. I stopped using all other feeds a long time ago (and I follow lots of blogs)
None of the feeds work for blogs that are private (such as mine) but I just mark those in a different folder to check periodically.

Jamie Dawn said...

I don't use my sidebar any more to keep up with blog buddies. I should just delete that on my sidebar. I follow blogs by adding them to the blogs I read list provided by Blogger. You are on my list because you are one of my new blog buddies!

I suppose I can wait until next week for your big change news. I can wait because I have no choice since you are being greedy and keeping the news all to yourself!

chesneygirl said...

I use bloglines to catch up on the blogs I read.
I have the blogs in my sidebar just so anyone that visits my blog can visit any of my blog "peeps" :)

....which reminds me, I think I need to add you back on my sidebar.