Sunday, December 20, 2009

On the road again

Well, at least my car is. Total was only about $300, but at this time of year that is a lot of money. Well, any time of the year for me! Oh well, at least it's fixed and I have 4 good tires. All I need now is a brake job and a friend of my daughters is going to do that for me. Other than that things are ok around here.
We have snow on the ground and some forcast for the next few days. Not a lot, but enough that we will probably have a white Christmas. Christmas this year is not going to be quite the same. First, my oldest son is not home. He will be leaving for Afghanistan the day after Christmas. Also I have to work Christmas eve and Christmas day. I will only have a few hours with my other two children that morning. It is Christmas's like this when it's important to keep the true meaning of Christmas in our hearts so that the spirit is still alive.


Libby said...

this is going to be a tough Christmas for you, pat. my love to your son for going to afghanistan!

Rachel said...

Sorry about your car problems but glad it wasn't too expensive. It seems that things hit when we sure don't need them to. Not that we ever need them to...but you know what I mean!!

It's a shame you have to work on Christmas eve and Christmas day both. Enjoy the time you will have with your family. Too bad your son has to leave for Afghanistan right after Christmas. I'll keep him in my prayers.

Merry Christmas!!