Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Good Vibrations

I am SO excited! I'm going to be feeling some 'Good Vibrations' this summer. I just learned this morning that the Beach Boys are going to be playing at the Lenawee County Fair this year. Now I just need to find out when tickets are going on sale and get in line! Ok, so I'm 40 something, but I love the Beach Boys music and if it means sleeping in a sleeping bag all night to get tickets to see this, by gosh I'm going to do it! Anyone with me?

I've been to very few concerts. Never really been a big concert person. My first was the Bay City Rollers then John Denver. I saw Jo Dee Messina with my sister and England Dan & John Ford Coley at Six Flags. Last year was John Montgomery and the year before that at the fair was Confederate Railroad. I think that's about it. There may be one or two I'm forgetting.

But now a chance to see the Beach Boys! I'm not letting this one slip through my fingers. The fair is in August. Jimminy, August! I can't even think about August right now. It seems like forever, seeing as how temps now are only reaching 40 for the high the next week and in the 20's at night. I am sick and tired of this, but I think I've mentioned that a time or two before.

Well, I may not be Surfin In the USA, but I'm going to have some Fun, Fun, Fun. Wouldn't It Be Nice to Come Go With Me and dance to some Rock & Roll Music?


Barb said...

I think you've been to more concerts than me....went to the Statler Brothers (what????) with Barbara Mandrell waaaaayyy back in college (my in-laws were big fans), Collin Raye at a county fair, and Neil Diamond twice. I think that's it for "celebrities" I'd love to see the Beach Boys too!

David said...

Can I say you MIGHT be showing your age with this post????

chesneygirl said...

I've never even HEARD of some the groups/artist you've seen!!

Tickets go on sale this Saturday morning at 9am...you can line up at 6am. And they will kick you out if you get there before that!

You can also get them at any Meijer store and there is a way to get them online and over the phone. But I've found the best way is to stand in line at the fairgrounds. I did it about 5 years ago when Britney Spears came to LenCo.

Libby said...

Cool, Peach! Don't forget your suntan lotion!!

Mountain Mama said...

I love the Beach Boys too and I'm 60 something. I really think this group appealed to many ages. I still enjoy their music and have several old albums and cassetts of their music.
There's just something about it that stirs the blood!
Like when I'm driving I don't play Giddy-up 409 because I just can't keep my foot from pushing the pedal to the metal!
Enjoy their concert!

Big Dave T said...

Your resume as a concert-goer beats mine. I saw Paul McCartney last year. Doobie Brothers many years ago. Also Gordon Lightfoot. Pretty much it.

I think this Beach Boys tour only has two of the originals, right? Brian Wilson does his own thing now and two of the other originals are dead. Gotta see them while you still can.

Sue said...

Love the Beach Boys!
Now I will really date myself: I've seen Tony Orlando and Dawn (anyone remember them?)
Helen Reddy: (I am Woman, Hear Me Roar!)
and Wayne Newton!
Sounds like summer fun!

Rachel said...

Oh, the Beach Boys!! Cool!! You will have Fun Fun Fun!

Let's see, I have seen several country music stars before. I think the last one I saw was Reba.

McSwain said...

Sounds like fun! I wish we all could be California girls, so we could do this kind of fun stuff together! (At least 'til Daddy takes the T-Bird away.)

Connie and Rob said...

Dear Peach,
I know all the bands you mentioned. I think it is wonderful you enjoy music so much. I saw the Beach Boys twenty something years ago. My foot still taps when I hear their songs.

Hope you get good seats!!!


Georgie Tamayo Clemens said...

Have fun! I wish I could go.


curious servant said...

Thanks for the comment.

I'm always glad to see you have visited. I think sometimes you might be missing the latest post because your newest comments tend to show up on previous posts.

I have noticed sometimes that my blog does not show my latest post on my computer at work because it is using the computer's cache. You might try hitting the reload button for the latest. It should affect my counter as it recodrs visits that are at least one hour apart.

I understand about feeling how one's spiritual growth doesn't feel enough. I hope you understand that we are all falling short of what He wants us to be.

The Beach Boys sounds fun. My middle school students still enjoy them!

Tillerman said...

Saw the Beach Boys at Yankee Stadium some time in the early 90s and they were awesome. Are any of the original members still singing in the current group?

Pirate said...

I've seen them three times and they give as good a show as Willie Nelson. Rarely do you get your money's worth at a concert. Don't worry these guys entertain.

MissKris said...

I have been a huge Beach Boys fan from way back when myself...sounds like a great concert to go to!

Also...just wanted to come by and thank you so much for your kind words and prayers concerning my Dad. I appreciate them so much at this time. I'm sorry I've been out of the scene lately but once life slows down a bit, I'll be back. I enjoy your friendship so much, Pat. Hope this finds you well.