Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What next? Bread from heaven?

With in a 24 hr period we have gone from thunderstorms with tornado watches, to 65+ degree temps and sunny sky, to windy (really windy!) to snow showers. Weird. Then I'm sitting here and here the radio call for a high of 65 tomorrow. I was so excited till I realized I was listening to my internet station out of Peachtree City, GA. Bummer!

On another note, my daughter didn't make it to school yesterday. She woke up with her mouth hurting, but she did go today. Since I don't have to work today she thought she would try it and I could come get her if she got to hurting again too bad. Slowly getting better, but it will still be a while before she can eat 'real' food again. Once she gets to feeling up to it, the tooth fairy promised her a trip to Victoria Secrets. A long way from leaving a quarter under the pillow!

That's about it for today. Things are slow around here, sorry not more exciting post. Time to go throw another log on the fire. Till next time.....

Weather forcast for tonight: dark. Continued dark overnight, with widely scattered light by morning.
George Carlin


Sue said...

Your weather sounds much like ours, but we don't usually get snow! Hasn't it just been crazy this year? Today it's cold and rainy again.
My best friend is just about to make a trip to GA to see her grandchildren. They live just outside Atlanta. She's trying to convince us to go back there with them. We are going, but not this time. I'd love to see that part of the country.
Enjoy your day off.

Libby said...

hey peachy!!
definitely, along with VS, you just HAVE to put a quarter under her pillow, too!!

Rachel said...

That sounds like our weather but without the snow! Today is cooler after t-storms and rain (lots of rain) last night.

Pirate said...

plague of frogs then locust then manna.

Big Dave T said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Strange that you found me through a Seattle blog though we're almost close enough to be neighbors in real life. My son's girlfriend hails from Clinton. I like the old moviehouse in town.

So that weather report sounds familiar, but I think because I heard George Carlin make a similar prediction. In that same weather report . . .

"The radar is picking up a line of thundershowers extending from a point northwest of Lansing along a line to a point ten miles southeast of Adrian. However, the radar is also picking up a squadron of Russian ICBMs . . . so I wouldn't sweat the thundershowers."

Suzy said...

ahhhh, A trip to Victoria's Secret...my daughter would be in heaven! =o)

Gotta luv the weather here too...just as you described. Makes me wonder, 'what in the world is going on?'. lol Oh well...isn't that the way of it?

Good to read you again!


kristy said...

Victoria's Secret? Really? That's one darn progressive tooth fairy!