Thursday, August 17, 2006

Not much

Not a whole lot to post on, but I did want to change my video. I LOVE this song! He just has the sexiest voice ever. (Sorry guys)

Womens league golf is over. We came in 2nd. Oh Well, maybe next year. Gives us something to strive for. Couples league still has a few weeks and surprisingly we are not last. Actually somewhere in the middle. Not too bad considering only one of us knows how to golf. Hee, hee! I'll let y'all guess who that is. (Sorry hon, just teasing you)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Tasha said...

Hmmm. I don't remember his voice sounding like that. he is hot!!

Monique said...

I am hubby's work right now (killing time til he drops me off at the airport). Can't listen to the audio so I don' even know who it is!

Golf -- not something I'll ever be good at in a million years. My hubby took me to a driving range once. NOT a pretty sight. :)

Sue said...

We're not golfers, but sounds like it's something you two really enjoy.
Keep enjoying summer :-)

Libby said...

yay, pat!! you came in second!! (that means you guys were the best of all the losers, huh?) begged to be said...i'dve lost my license (my smartass license, ya know?) if i didn't say it!!

Rachel said...

I have never played golf, except the miniature kind. Glad you enjoy it! You have a great weekend too!

David said...

Stopping by to say hello. I like the video addition. I would hate to play golf with you as you would show me up. LOL

Doug Bagley said...

2nd isn't bad...unless there were only two of y'all playing, lol.
I've never learned to golf. For me it's a nice walk in the country spoiled by a little white ball.
You know how long I've been waiting to use that line? LOL.

chesneygirl said...

Sorry, not a big fan of Josh.

I don't think 2nd place is anything to be too disappointed about...unless...there were only 2 teams in the whole league.

hee :)

curious servant said...

I liked the way the video ended.