Monday, August 28, 2006

Rainy days and Mondays

Good Monday morning! Weather is starting to cool off a bit. Days have been warm and sticky but the nights are cooling off. Almost a touch of Fall in the air. Seems like the Summer just flew by. I know it's not over yet and I'm not trying to push it out the door, but I will welcome Autumn. Love the cool, crisp air, the colors of the trees. Still have a bit of the golf season left. I think we ended up about #11 out of 18. Not too terribly bad. Still have one more Friday left to play. It is our fun day. Those are always fun. Different things occurr durring fun day. On one hole you may have to putt around a toilet lid, or have to putt with a hockey stick. Maybe one hole you have to use only 1 club the whole hole. In the past you may have had to pick out 3 clubs to play the whole game. No telling what they have planned for this Friday. Whatever it is, it will be fun.

Work has been a mad house! Hunting season is here, we are having a sale and a new promotional card has come out. Made this weekend wild. Soon I'll be having to say bye to the golf course for the year and go back to full time hours at the store. The one advantage to that is I will at least have a day or two off during the week. Brittany is LOVING her job! I'm so glad it is working out for her. Although being at work at 6 a.m. was a shock for her. They have new stock coming in and they have to sort and tag and such. Welcome to the real world daughter.

Well I guess that's about it for now. Hope all is going well for all of you. Have a great week!


David said...

Weather cooling off?? You have to be kidding. Yes it was a cool 80 when I got up at 0530, 104 on Saturday and 102 yesterday. We will get a cold front this week that will cool us off to the mid 90's.

Enjoy the cool weather.

Libby said...

hey, pat, i know exactly what you mean about the weather cooling off! i LOVE it!! yay for football coming! and double yay for ben roethlisberger being okay to go back for the steelers!!

Sue said...

It was chilly this morning here too, but now it's very warm. We're moving into one of our warmer months here. I'm sure you're sorry to see golf winding down!

Barb said...

It has been cooler....I spent the long weekend at my mom's in SW North Dakota and she didn't run the air conditioner at all....we slept upstairs and it was even cool up there with the windows open. My sister was happy to be spending a couple weeks there because it has been SOOOOO HOOOTTTT in Phoenix lately.

mommy to four j's said...

It is also starting to feel like fall her in Colorado. Warnm during the day an cooler at night. Good luck with your dieting.

Rachel said...

It's cooler here at night but still muggy during the day. Fall will be here before we know it.

Enjoyed the video. Cute!

chesneygirl said...

Not big on these cool nights yet.

Yes, I know all about hunting season husband received one of those cards...he's DYING to get in there to use it!
I don't know what the big yank is he still has over two months yet. Sheesh!!