Thursday, November 09, 2006

Howdy y'all!

My goodness, what a morning! My daughter is babysitting her exboyfriends dog, well kinda an exboyfriend, they are now just friends (long story, sorry I missed filling you in on that one).

...anyway, this is a 4-5 month old puppy. A pit bull. She is really a sweetie. Wonderful playful personality. Anyway, she got a hold of a pair of scissors that were laying on the floor in the computer room. What they were doing there, I have no idea. They are the small kind used for sewing and what not. They open and close using a spring, so if they are not in the locked position then they are spring loaded open. She is running around the house with these in her mouth (didn't anyone teach her not to run with scissors in your hand/mouth?). When I saw what she had I went after her to take them away but she ran around the corner and I hear a 'yelp!' At first glance she seemed fine, but my daughter saw blood dripping. After a closer look we see that she had poked herself in her chest. It wasn't gushing or anything but none the less it was bleeding. I got a towel and applied some pressure, cleaned it up some and found it was not a huge cut but wasn't sure whether it would require a couple of stiches, simply because you can't keep a dog still. We held her for a while, applying pressure and after a while the bleeding stopped. Took her to the vet who took a quick look at her and said she would be fine. Didn't even charge us. She seems to be doing fine. My daughter was terrified though. Geesh!

Now, for the second news.....Lulu is going back. As much as I adore her, she is a nervous bird and a very loud bird. I can't spend the time with her that I would like and she gets moody and you never know when she might bite. I guess right now is not the time to be trying to adjust to a bird. The kids have lots of friends coming and going and I don't want anyone getting hurt and she gets awfully excited when there is a lot of commotion. That's ok, my friend is thrilled to be getting her back. She regretted giving her to me. All well that ends well.

Everything else around here is 'status quo'. (Whatever that means?) How 'bout this one...everthing around here is just 'ducky'! Soups will return soon. In fact tonight I think I may make some chicken soup w/homemade noodles. Better go thaw some chicken! Take care!


chesneygirl said...

Sorry to hear about Lulu...and I didn't even get a chance to meet her! ;)

Glad to know everything is "ducky".

Mmmmm....homemade chicken soup sounds DELISH!! Enjoy!

Rachel said...

Glad the dog was okay. That would be scary!

Glad things are working out with Lulu getting to go back to her previous home. Sorry it didn't work out for you, but glad it worked out okay in the end...well, you know what I mean!!

Enjoy that soup!

Libby said...

homemade noodles...mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Sue said...

That was one lucky Pup! Glad it wasn't serious!
You are ambitious to make homemade noodles for soup. Sounds delish!