Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I saw ths cartoon just days after having a talk with my 18 year old about letting me know what he is doing. I understand that he is of age, but he is still living under my roof and still needs to let me know what and where he is going. This is just a courtesy you live with all your life when you live with others. I try hard to give him his space but I would just like to know when to expect him home and have an idea where he is. This comic was priceless at the time! I'm sure many of you will be able to relate. Those of you with younger ones, remember this in years to come.

I cheated on dinner tonight. Yes I had soup, but it was packaged soup. I still highly recommend it for a quick but good meal. It is made by Knorr. It is their Meditterranean Style Minestrone soup mix. It comes in a green package. I add a pound of sliced sausage. It is one of my kids favorites!

Work is really becoming a mad house! Especially seeing as how tomorrow is opening day of gun season here. It's only going to get worse as the holidays approach. I don't expect it to slow down till maybe.....March. Ha! Well, to all of you hunters out there....Happy hunting and good luck. And to all of you deer widows....enjoy the quiet time!


Barb said...

I totally agree with your first paragraph. It's a matter of consideration and common courtesy....and yes, he may be 18, but I assume you are still supporting him??? that is a great cartoon!

I love soup at this time of year as well. Last week I made chicken soup with dumplings....mmmmm!

chesneygirl said...

That IS a great cartoon! lol

If it makes you feel any better....I lived at home until I was 19 and my parents expected the same thing. :)

My husband leaves Friday night for deer camp. Quiet time?!? HA! You've forgotten I have a two year old! ;)

Renee said...

Cute cartoon. I needed a laugh.

Libby said...

i love the cartoon! tif still lives at home with us, she's 23...but we've luckily never had this problem!

Sue said...

I well remember those days. Such a cute cartoon! But these days will soon be just a memory and then you'll be cooing over grandchildren! Now there's something to think about!!