Thursday, November 16, 2006

Movies and music

This afternoon my son and I went to the movies. It's been FOREVER since I've been to the theatre. The last movie I saw was The Passion of the Christ. In fact I saw it twice. I can't even remember the time before that. Anyway, AJ and I went to see Santa Claus 3. It was really cute and I enjoyed the time with him. It was a nice way to spend a cold rainy afternoon.

Then upon returning home I heard a beautiful sound. My daughter was upstairs playing her clarinet. She hasn't played that in quite a while. She played in the band when we lived down south and started in the band up here, but was really disappointed in it. They were way behind what she was used to playing and it wasn't enjoyable to her. You have to understand that the band down south was the band that was chosen to go to Australia to play during the Olympics. Although she was not yet in high school to go with them, she was still under the same director. They were an awsome band. Even the middle school ranked way up there. I encouraged her to stay with it and signed her up to play at a local college with a youth orchestra they had assembled, but she was young and didn't feel comfortable playing with older people that she didn't know. It's a shame, because she has the talent. I was thrilled to hear her playing tonight! I hope some day she plays again and uses her gift.

Weather here has been really yucky. Cold, rainy. They are calling for storms tonight and a mix of snow tomorrow. Joy, joy. (can you hear my sarcasm?) I actually would love a good snow storm (sorry Ches), but not this wet yucky stuff. Oh well. I went to the tanning booth today and got my dose of sun. That helped some. How many days is it till summer?


Sue said...

We want to see S. Claus 3 too. I've heard from others how good it is..
Weather here is still pretty good. Mostly sunny, but some chill and a bit of drizzle now and then.
Feels like fall...

Barb said...

Since we've moved here, we've gone to more movies than we ever went to back in MT....of course, small town, one theatre, one movie showing at a time, several weeks or more after it premiered, etc. We like to go to movies here, it's something to do since we don't know too many people yet, and there's many movies showing at once so there's always something we are interested in seeing.

chesneygirl said...

How nice to spend an afternoon with AJ! :)

I'm so sick of the rainy, wet, cold crappiness too. I have to agree with you, as much as I hate snow, I'd rather have real snow than this!

Libby said...

yeah, but, pat...keep the rain up there until after we kick michigan's football ass tomorrow!i live about 45 miles from the stadium...i'll probably hear it!!

Rachel said...

We had a couple days of nasty weather here too. I want to see that movie as well. It's been a good while since I was at the movies.