Monday, March 30, 2009

Lions & Tigers & Bears...Oh No!

Well, no lions and bears but there was a tiger on the loose. Tiger Woods won the Arnold Palmer Open this weekend. Again. It came down to the last putt on the last hole. He sank a 16 footer for the win. Now, don't take me wrong, I think Tiger is an awsome player, but personally I'm not a Tiger fan. I was hopeing to see the other guy win. It's nice to see others win occasionally. He almost did. At one point he was 10 under par and Tiger was only 4. I don't know what happened. Yes, that's a great come-back, but I like to see others take that big win. My personal favorite is Phil Mickelson, but he wasn't playing in this tournament.
It's almost warm enough for golf here. I probably could have played Sat but I had something else I had to do. I really can't wait. I really do love golf, I just hate playing in cold weather. I can't swing a club wearing a winter parka. Have I mentioned that I need to moved back down south?


Libby said...

peach--don't go back b4 you stop back here again!

Jamie Dawn said...

I haven't played golf in years. I never did play much at all, probably less than ten times total... besides mini golf that is. My hubby bought me a set of clubs before we had kids and they came in a pink golf bag. Soon after that, I got pregnant, and when once my tummy began sticking out, that was it for golfing. I never did pick it up again after that.
I saw that terrific putt that Tiger did to clench that win.
I hope you'll soon be out on the golf course and enjoying some warm weather.