Sunday, March 08, 2009

Time Change??

Oops, yep I forgot. I knew it was coming. Many of you even posted reminders for me, but Sat night I just fell asleep without even thinking about it. Luckally a friend called and woke me up in time to make it to church on time. At least I didn't have to work.

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Speaking of church....I have been going, or trying to go, to a different church than I originally started going to when I first moved up here. I live near two towns. My address is for one town, but phone# and school district is for another. So, kinda in the middle. I started attending St. E's when I first moved up here but about a year or so ago started attending St. D's. I like it better because it is smaller. When I first started at St. E's I taught religious ed and got to know some of the people. Now going to this other church, when I can, I don't know a lot of people. I couldn't attend every week because of my work schedule. Often when I worked the mid-shift I stopped at another church on my way home in another town. Now that I don't work that shift any more (more to come on that), I hope to attend St. D's more often. One of the ladies there this morning was kind enough to invite me for coffee after mass. The ladies group put's on a coffee morning once a month and the mens group does breakfast once a month. I accepted her invitation and she introduced me to a few other people. It was really nice. I'd like to get more involved in church activities. That's it for now....have a wonderful week!!


Susie said...

I'm still getting used to the time change. Too awake at night and too sleepy in the morning!
Glad you got to meet some new people at the coffee :)

Libby said...

that's good that you got to meet some more people!
and, i LOVE daylight saving time!! more daylight is always a good thing!

Jamie Dawn said...

I hope you get more involved with some of the ladies there.
I took your poll: YES I did remember to set my clocks.

Doug Bagley said...

wish we'dstay on saving time. love more daylight in the evening.
I'm back with fresh new writing