Thursday, May 28, 2009

A belated Memorial Day Honor

Today I had the distinct honor and privilege of meeting two of America's great hero's. They are American Veterans, very special veterans. Don't take me wrong, I think all of our service men/women are hero's, but these two gentlemen beat more odds and overcame more obstacles than most. They not only fought in the war over seas, but also had their own war here at home. See, these two men are two of the original Tuskegee Airmen. They were part of a group of dedicated young black men to become the first African American pilots during WWII. They had to fight the war of racism and segregation and prove that they were just as intelligent, skilled, courageous and patriotic as any American. They proved they were as qualified as any to defend their country. My thanks, admiration and respect go out to them and to all who serve our country.


Jenna said...

Hi Pat! I'm so glad you found my Blog!
Yay! A fellow Michigander! (Kinda!)

I have a family connection to Georgia actually. My Dad and Uncles go down there every once in a while because they're part of a Civil War museum group in Kennesaw.(Their Great-Grandfather was part of the group of men who stole a train, The General, during the war).
I can already tell I'm going to LOVE your blog. Keep the recipies coming! I'm getting married in less than three months and I'm trying to teach myself to cook.

Libby said...

nice memorial for that group, peach! it had to be special to meet them!