Thursday, May 07, 2009

OT = paying Uncle Sam to work + recipe

Sorry for the lack of posts. Well for one I wanted to leave the last one up for a while, but also I have not had a lot of time. I've been working a lot of overtime, but I have come to the conclusion that it is not worth it! I worked 19 hr ot last payperiod and I only saw a little less than 2/3's the amount I made. It seems if I work much more than 12-14 hr ot then I get kicked into the next tax bracket. I don't completely understand all this, I only know I should have made more than I did! So, I won't be doing as much of that any more.

My womens golf league starts this Wednesday. I'm excited. I've been out a few times. You can tell I'm a little rusty from not playing all winter. The joys of living up north. I was given a new driver for an early bd gift. Watch out ladies! That's ladies on the holes next to I've been known to have a slice, and an occasional hook. With this new driver I'll just slice it further!

I've posted a new recipe on my other blog. It's awsome, but needs to be made ahead of time. Take a peek!

Have a wonderful week and I'll try and get around to all my blog friends in the next few days.


Libby said...

oh, pat, i'm excited for you!! i have a friend up by fostoria (she's chester in my blog!) who golfs as much as you! she's gone to england a couple times to golf with friends she met online even!

Monique said...

It stinks to get bumped into the next tax bracket. It gets even worse for hubby and I... our combined income bumps us up, but neither of our employers takes that into account in our tax withholding. I finally had to change my W4 to have them withhold more every pay period to compensate. So hopefully tax time won't be so brutal next year. :)

Jamie Dawn said...

The more you make the more they'll take. It seems that success is being punished these days.

I hope you get to enjoy a LOT of golf in the coming months. It's great that you've found something you really like to do. I haven't played golf for many years, and the last time I was on a course it was with one of my friends and her mom in CA. It was a hilarious day!
I remember her mother cursed out loud, then said to me, "Please don't tell your husband about that." My hubby was her daughter's pastor, so it tickled me that she did not want him to know. I remember having a very fun time on the course with those ladies, so I see why you enjoy it so much.