Monday, July 25, 2005

A drive through the past

Well the highlight of my day today was a nice little afternoon drive in a 1926 Ford model T. Adorable car! Didn't exactly have the wind whipping through my hair like my old MG (I miss that car!), but it was very nostalgic.
Another past time that I have recently picked up is canning. The zucchini in the garden is coming in and I think we overdid it. One or two plants would have been plenty, but I think my gardener (ie: other half) planted a dozen or more. AGHH! So I have been making and canning zucchini relish. Next comes zucchini bread, then pickled zucchini. Any zucchini recipes are welcome! We also have a few (2 dozen +) pepper plants. Green peppers, hot wax, and jalapeno. Been pickling those too! Need some tomatoes and I can do up some Salsa.


Christopher said...

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4evergapeach said...

Sorry Christopher....this peach is a sweet GAL and I'm not into disco. As much as I like artichokes I think I'll have to pass, but thanks for stopping in. =)

Just cold cash said...

Your past is not quite that past. Love the car. Your abundance of vegetables reminds me of the people who only locked their cars during this season because their neighbors would leave bags of their excess in their cars.