Sunday, July 31, 2005

Lazy days and Sundays

Well, just sitting around enjoying a nice quiet Sunday afternoon. Everyone is off doing their thing so I'm taking advantage of this time and being lazy. Yesterday played golf in the morning, 2 rounds of the scramble and won both times! Woohoo! Won $47, not bad for a couple hours of having fun! Then came home and did yard work. Didn't really mind, it was a beautiful day to be outside. Then Aubrey and I went to friends house for burgers. Had a few beers and chilled with friends so all in all a pretty good day I suppose. Layed out last night in my front yard at midnight and did some star gazing. Absolutely gorgeous night!! The sky was overflowing with stars. Unlike the city where you have the sky lights disrupting your view, here in the country it is beautiful! Even saw a shooting star. Yes I made a wish but don't ask....If I told you, it wouldn't come true. Almost fell asleep out there, till some little creature started rustling the bushes in the side of the yard and scared me inside. Was probably just a cat or raccoon or something....but with my luck it would have been a skunk that would have come over to say hello, in his own way. Peeyoooo! Didn't need that, so finally got to bed about 1:00 or so.

Well, I need to go figure out what to do for dinner. So pretty out I'd like to grill. Think I am going to do some shish-ka-bobs. Chicken and veggies with a rice dish on the side. Need to marinate chicken so gotta run. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and I'll be posting a new recipe beginning of the week.


Just cold cash said...

Played golf today. Glad I wasn't betting I would have lost a bundle.
Sounds like an awesome weekend.
Watched "Ever After"yesterday.Cute.
Taped another about competing Pizza family restaurants.Chefs got together to play poker. Instead of chips they bet recipes. My kind of cards.
Need to also fix dinner. See you. Wish I knew what I felf like cooking.

David said...

I worked most of Sunday. That sucks. But i did have the office to myself.

durn_yankee said...

Just remembered my past blog name.
Let's see if this works.

4evergapeach said...

they are both working...