Sunday, November 20, 2005

Busy, busy weekend

Weekend? What weekend? These past few days seem to have flown by. Friday night went out with a friend to a local country bar. There were some amateur strippers but seeing as how my mom reads my blog I won't comment on them, but if I was to comment it would only be to say that they were young, skinny and pale; definitely not my type, mine is more broad shouldered, muscular arms and mature, kinda like what I already have at home ;). But the company was great, we enjoyed the music for the most part and just enjoyed chatting all night. All in all - a good time! (Thanks again Ches! I really enjoyed it!) Got home and to bed about 1:30. Had to get up at 6 Sat morning and open at work. Worked till 4:30, came home, cleaned up a bit, threw some laundry in the washer, neighbor came over to chat for a bit over a beer then hubby and I went out to dinner. Got home about 7, I was pooped and ready for an early night. Got comfy in my pj's then the phone is my boss from the golf course. They were playing euchre (they play every other Sat night) and needed one more person to make 5 tables. He begged me to come play.....I'm such a sucker, especially after he offered to buy my beers. So I threw on some clothes and up to the club house I go. Ended up having a good time and home and in bed by 11, so not too bad. Sunday morning I had to get up at 6, shower and be at church by 8 then immediately after church be at work by 10. Worked till close and got home about 7. And here I am. Maybe tonight I'll get to bed early. So how was your weekend?


McSwain said...

Sounds like you had a rowdy good time! Wish we lived closer, I'd loved to have been there!

Pirate said...

Jock and his friends went to their first strip joint the other night. One of his friends was having his 18th birthday. He came to me and Mrs. Pirate about it and told us he was going. We really had reservations but he is 18 and we are fairly liberal when it comes to certain aspects of parenting. Well, anyway he was home by 10 pm. I went down to his room to get the skinny and to possibly share some man time and war stories. I asked him how it went. He said Cam (one of the boys and was sitting with Jock in his room) couldn't get in so he took Cam back to our house to play video games. I sensed a little "phew" in his voice. He has had a gfriend for years and recently broke up but I think he is not in too much of a hurry to grow up.

steelcowboy said...

I haven't heard of anyone playing euchre since we moved to PA in 1972.. nobody down here plays it! I'm betting I don't even remember how to play.. sheesh.

David said...

Sounds like a busy weekend.... glad you had fun at the Saddle

4evergapeach said...

Cheryl - wish you could have been there too!

Pirate - Even at 18 they are still young, but I bet when he does experience it he'll see it's no big deal and won't be back.

Steelcowboy - I had never even heard of euchre till we moved up here, but I really enjoy playing and getting together with a group.

mbd - Thanks

David said...

I am so confused..... Who wrote this one?

Müzikdüde said...

I grew up playing Euchre. That's awesome that people still play it. I also played Michigan Rummy.

I'm from Sterling Heights (just north of Detroit) and I was just home 2 weeks ago.

Small world.

As for sleeping: My wife wears ear plugs.