Friday, November 18, 2005

Snow & deer & male strippers

Well, we got our first snow of the season. Nothing big, just a few light snow showers but a bit was drfting on the sides of the road. I understand further up north and west though they got 9+ inches. Wish we got that lake effect snow here. Would make for much better snowmobiling.

Last weekend at work was a flurry of last minute hunting gear and licenses. Tuesday was opening day here in the Great Lakes state and they are out there in droves. This will be the first weekend of the hunting season and apparently it is a chance for hunting widows to do their thing. My husband enjoys hunting and still hopes to get out there this year but with things being as chaotic as they have been he hasn't yet had the chance. So I'm not officially a 'widow' but that doesn't mean I can't take advantage of the opportunities. A friend and I are going to a local honkytonk where it seems a few men may be removing a few garments for the widows in mourning. Hah! That'll teach these guys to leave their wives at home while they go gallavanting through the woods chasing 4 legged creatures.

That's about it for me. I finally posted to my other site if you would like to take a peak. Sorry about the lack of recipe updates. Will get to that maybe this weekend. But do take advantage of my Chili recipe with the cold weather here. You'll love it! Have a wonderful weekend!


chesneygirl said...

It's gonna be a great time Peach!!!
I'm looking forward to it!! :)

David said...

Give Bambi a gun -make it fair.

Going to watch the men huh? Is that not a sexist thing to do?

FTS said...

I want snow; I'd even take flurries. I can do without men taking their clothes off, though. :p

durn_yankee said...

Keep in mind your Mother reads your Blog.

fts sounds like a writer. Anything published?

Hope the club is heated. This is not the time of year to be removing clothing. Then again, maybe that is what heats up the place.

durn_yankee said...

Meant to tell you when it turned cold the other day, I made your chili. Dad was happy. He loves your recipe.

Pirate said...

Sounds a lot like home. Hunting, snow and beer influenced streakers.

McSwain said...

Pirate said it well--I grew up in his neck of the woods.