Friday, January 20, 2006

Sweet Sixteen

A Hope,
A Dream…
A Reality,
A Joy….
You are all these
My eyes fell on your face
My heart melted in love
From day one
You were one of the brightest stars
In my sky
And guided my life
In a new direction.
New fears,
New dreams,
New joys.
I’ve watched you grow,
From a bud
To a rose
Blooming in beauty.
Your hurts
Caused me pain;
Your laughter
Echoes in memories
Stored in my heart.
Your smile
Lights up my life
Your eyes a reflection
Of the love you give.
Some day,
Too soon
You will fly
On wings of your own
But you will always be
My little girl.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!


chesneygirl said...

Aaaww, that was beautiful and sweet!

I hope it's everything she wants it to be and more! :)

Anonymous said...

Sixteen already? Unbelievable! Tell that little girl I said Hello and Happy Birthday from another misplaced Georgian!!!!

FTS said...

Very nice... very nice. :)

McSwain said...

What a nice gift to your daughter this post is! Happy birthday to her!

curious servant said...