Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Cup is Half Full

I like to think of myself as an optimist. Looking at the glass half full instead of half empty. So, keeping this in mind, I thought of a few reasons to enjoy this 'extended' Winter. As you know I love soup in cold weather, so this has extended my soup season. I haven't lost the weight I need to to look decent in a bikini, or any of my Summer clothes, so I have a little more time to get ready for that. I don't have to keep my legs shaved. Yes, I do shave them through the Winter, but just not as often. In Summer, with wearing shorts and mini skirts and what not, they need to be shaved much more often! Blazing fires in the fireplace. I know you can do that any time of the year, but it is much more appreciated in the cold weather.

Now it's your turn - You can each think of at least one reason to enjoy this cold weather. Come on, I know you can do it! Makes this weather a little more bearable. *SMILE*


Susie said...

Well, since we're well into spring, I'll tell you what I miss about winter:
I absolutely love warm snuggly flannel sheets on a cold night. I sleep so much better in winter than in summer!!

Libby said...

...the only thing i like about cold weather is that spring is coming!

4evergapeach said...

Sue I love snuggling on cold winter nights too!

Libby You make me laugh out loud!!!

Rachel said...

I stay inside and watch more movies and read more.

I may make a fire in the fireplace and that's pretty nice when it's chilly!

Monique said...

I can't do it... I am totally allergic to cold weather!! :)