Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spring Nights

My favorite time of year is finally here. When it is warm enough in the evening to sit out by a nice fire. It was a little breezy but still nice. Upper 60's and clear skies. There's nothing I love more than sitting around a campfire (well, almost nothing).

I also got out on the golf course for the first time this year. My womens league starts this Wed morning and I didn't want to get out to the first tee without having played at all this year. I didn't do that well, but I didn't do as poorly as I thought I would. My partner and I came in 2nd last year, we have a good shot at coming in 1st this year. But who's counting, it's getting out there and having a good time, right? (Who am I fooling, I'm as competitive as they I also worked for a few hours at the club house so my boss could get some mowing done. Looking forward to a great summer!


Rachel said...

Glad you are enjoying the weather and golf!! So many bloggers golf that it makes me want to give it a try! All I have ever played is miniature golf.

chesneygirl said...

It WAS nice this weekend, wasn't it?? I'm glad you got to enjoy it!!

Susie said...

It was way beyond 60 here (like 90ยบ)
Beautiful though...I love this time of year.
Great song you have playing!!

Libby said...

hi pat! sounds great! well, not the golfing, know how I am!!