Friday, April 27, 2007

You'll always be my little boy

Hi everyone. I haven't forgotten about you but it's just been a fairly quiet week. Nothing really going on. I had off two days in a row and wouldn't you know it rained both days. Bummer! Weather is slowly improving though. This weekend is supposed to be beautiful! I have Sunday off so maybe I can get in a round of golf.

An opportunity has presented itself to my son. He is 18 and graduating this year. At least I'm crossing my fingers that he does. It will be by the skin of his chinny chin chin. School has never been his strong suit. He was doing well in the private school I had him in down south, so I know he's capable of doing better, but after the move up here and going back into the public school system, his motivation went sliding down. Anyway.....His Grandmother (Karls mom) lives out in upstate NY and works part time at the prison. She and my husband both know the head guy for security there and he has offered Zach a job if he wants it. He would live with his Grandmother to start with and he would be starting at approx $28,000 a year. After taking a 6-8 week training course it would go up to $32,000. Benefits included. He would actually be working for the state, so benefits are good. It's actually a great opportunity and he is considering it. I know he hates the thought of leaving his friends, but he'd make new friends out there. And of course mom hates the thought of her first born leaving the nest, especially so far away, but I think it would be good for him. And he could even look into taking some college classes at the local community college if he wants. Keep him in your prayers that he makes the right decision. Thanks!


Susie said...

My husband always tells our children that the best jobs are government as they have the best benefits. In these times, benefits mean so much.
Good luck to your son!!

Libby said...

geez, pat, this does sound like a great opportunity for your boy...and, ya know, if it's something he ends up hating, there's a whole BUNCH of other stuff out there in the world! especially if he takes this job, maybe goes to that college, and finds what might be his thing, if the gov's job doesnt fit him well!

chesneygirl said...

What a great opportunity!!

I hope he makes the right decision...whatever is best for him! :)