Monday, August 29, 2005

Fiesta means......

Salsa! Today spent the afternoon in the kitchen canning salsa. All garden fresh veggies. Hands burning again from jalapeno's.....I just don't learn. At least didn't rub my eyes! I'm a little concerned how this turned out though. Didn't really follow any kind of a recipe. Just put in it what I wanted and made it the consistancy I wanted. Tastes kinda tomato-y. Yea, I know it's supposed to, but.....well.....I don't know. Maybe after it sits for a while and flavors have a chance to blend and it is cold it will taste better. I put a little in fridge and tasted it later and it tasted better. So we will see. This put me in the mood for Mexican so we went out and I had a wet burrito for dinner. Yum!

Well, it looks like I will finally get my quiet day tomorrow. Kids will be at school and hub has to hit the picket line. If any of the kids call because they are sick....well...too bad, suck it up. I miss my walk in the woods, it will be nice to commune with nature again.

Mom, this video is for you. I liked Kimberly too and hated to see her voted off. When I first heard this song early this year I fell in love with it, still do. Carrie Underwood has a new song out now that I really like too. I'll see if there is a video for it and maybe put it up next.

Thoughts and prayers are with all of my family and everyone else affected by Katrina. And may God bless and protect all of those going to help.

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