Saturday, August 13, 2005


Sorry I missed this past Thursday. Since I had posted a recipe on Wed, couldn't see posting another quite so soon. Also haven't had a lot of time to sit at computer unless it was late at night and by then I'm too tired to think.

Had couples league golf yesterday. Somebody please hit me in the head with a golf club if I even consider signing up for this again! Playing golf with my husband is not an enjoyable experience. This league is supposed to be fun. For me it is anything but.... He takes it way too seriously, expecially for someone who only gets out there and plays once a week and before this league it was 17 years since he had picked up a club. He expects to be able to get out and drive the ball 300 yards. Actually he is quite capable, problem is it's usually into the farmers field. He gets a good one in every so often but more often than not it's a duff, slice, hook or whiff. Now, don't take me wrong, I'm not complaining about his golf skills (or lack of) but his attitude about the whole thing. He swears after every shot, hits the ground with his club and is pure misery. I hit my share of bad shots but I just shrug it off and start a new hole with a new attitude. We play using a handicap (and ours is WAY up there!), but I just enjoy the company of others in the league. We play best ball but one of the rules is you have to use 3 of his drives, 3 of mine and the other 3 can be either/or. We usually end up the last two holes NEEDING his drives, and 9 times out of 10 he puts it out into the farmers field. He just tries way too hard. I have found one way to help deal with this is with a few beers. I buy a 6 pack at the beginning of the game, carry 3 with me then pick up other 3 at the turn after #4. Doesn't do a whole lot for my game but it helps me deal with the stress of my partner!

Well, then we go out to dinner. We usually do fish fry on Friday's at this local place in Britton. Another thing they are known for are Jagermeister and Jager-bombs. Every so often I will get one, and last night was one of those nights. Then about the time we are done eating I motion to the guy behind the bar (he also serves the food) to get us 2 boxes. I am pointing at my husband and myself and plates. Well, he misunderstands and brings us 2 'bombs'. Oh Man!! Well, I didn't want the guy to feel bad so I simply say thanks and look at my husband who is looking at me. He doesn't like these so guess who gets to drink both of them? Needless to say I was 'bombed" last night. Didn't feel bad this morning though, surprisingly. And tonight is going to be another one of those nights. No Jager for me, but I am playing night golf and from what I understand it is a real HOOT! I have a feeling a few drinks may be in order. Side note.....hubby will not be playing, he has to get up early tomorrow for work. Awww...too bad. Am I terrible or what?

Time for me to see what I can get done around here. Also need to take son to get a new golf bag. He has started golf practice with the school and he needs a carry bag. Only one more week till school starts...YAY! It's been a long summer. I'll try and post a new recipe soon.

Till then I will leave you with this quote.....
"Changing a roll of toilet paper is not rocket science!"

*Addendum: Night golf got canceled due to rain. Rain date is next week so crossing my fingers it will happen!


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sdk said...

How fun! I love golfing! Jas likes to think he can golf, but just because he can sit in the recliner with a controller in his hand doesn't mean he's actually Tiger Woods...LOL

Jager-Bombs...Man. It's been entirely too long since I've gone out and had some fun!