Tuesday, August 16, 2005

When I get my hands on this Murphy guy!

Why is it when your budget has no more room to budge the costly unexpected happens?! Seems this happens all too often. Can you say.....Murphy's Law? I hate this Murphy guy who ever he is. I say we all gang up and have our revenge on him.

As some of you may know my husband is in jeopardy of losing his job. He is a mechanic for a major Airline. We won't say any more.....any way....he has been working a lot of overtime and we have been trying not to spend unecessarily (this has caused some interesting discussions). Last night my son comes home and tells me the truck is driving weird. Apparently it's not shifting into 2nd and shifting hard into 3rd (automatic). So I tell my husband about this this morning and he goes out to check it out and it won't shift into reverse. Seems the transmission needs to be fixed/replaced. This is not a cheap repair! UGH....but we do agree that it has to be done. So I follow my husband to the transmission shop (praying it makes it or else I will have to tow him). It will take about two days and $1500. There goes a good chunk of change. Then of course school is about to start and I have yet to take the kids shopping for clothes or supplies. I have told them not to expect a ton of new clothes, just some basics until we are on solid ground again with the job situation.

Well, got to run and register two youngest for classes. Will write more later......

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