Saturday, August 27, 2005

A peck of pickled peppers

So it was hub that picked them and not Peter Piper, but I have spent the better part of today pickling them. Neighbors grandmother gave me a really good recipe for a tomato type pickling sauce that is really good. Sweet & tangy, with hot banana peppers. Yum, yum! I did learn a lesson though....even though these are not extremely hot peppers I still need to wear gloves. My hands are tingling. You would have thought I would have learned my lesson a few years ago.....we had habernaro's in our garden down in GA, and we picked them and put them in the food dehydrator to dry. After drying I used my bare hands and crushed them. I did think to rinse my hands off but not scrub them. Then I went to rub my eye. BIG MISTAKE!! I would rather go through natural child-birth again than the pain I suffered that day. I'm not one to use foul language, but that day I used every word in the book plus some. I was totally blinded and hub had to lead me through the house to the bathroom sink to rinse my eyes out, but that didn't work so he took me outside and I just stuck the water hose to my eye and sat there for at least a good 15 min. When working with hot peppers - wear gloves!

Tonight is Euchre night at the club house. It has been a while since we have played. With Summer here, people have been out of town and doing other things. So, looking forward to that. There may be a little drinking involved (just a little) hence the video that's playing. I wanted to play Gretchen Wilson"s new one "All Jacked Up", but couldn't find the video code. I may add to this post after I play tonight. See that hand to the right? That's what I want tonight!

Well, I suppose I better go clean up my mess in the kitchen. Just needed to take a break. I love cooking, baking, canning, etc.....but hate the cleaning up part....ugh! Later everyone!

Addenum: Didn't quite get that hand but did have one good loner. Still didn't take all the points though...:( .....Oh well, sometimes your dealt the cards and other times not. Tonight was a "NOT". I also have to share with you what another luminous starry night is was! Absolutely stunning! The Milky Way stood out like a show of her own, and another shooting star streaked brilliantly through the sky.
p.s. speaking of stars.....yes, the alphabet song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star have the same tune. ;)