Sunday, August 21, 2005

Night Golf & Strike

Played night golf last night for the first time. That was a blast! Following this little glowing ball around and then swinging at it blindly in the darkness. You just have to trust your swing. Actually didn't do too bad considering......These balls don't hit quite as far and it's almost impossible to lose one. My biggest problem was depth perception in relation to how far the flag was. They are going to try and do one more in the fall. Count me in!!

I'm trying something to eliminate spam posts. I have activated 'word verification', which means when you post to my site you will have to type in some letters you see. It will only take an extra second or two, but hopefully this will eliminate all this spam clutter. Any comments deleted by me (site administrator) are spam comments.

Update on hubby's job. As most of you know, he is now on strike. We don't know how this is going to play out, he may end up permanantly out of a job. I don't normally support unions, but I happen to know what is going on and the company is really trying to screw these guys. They weren't left with an option. Not sure what my hub's plans are, I'm not sure he knows. I just know we are in for a bumpy ride.

Well, that's if for now. I have to go use up some more of this zucchini (yea, the 'Z' word as it's known around here now...LOL). Going to try some 'Z' cookies. If they come out good I'll post the recipe. Hope all is well with everyone.

"If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans" Van Zant, Help Somebody


David said... glowing balls...

Sublime said...

I've never played any golf except minature. But, night golf...that sounds fun!

Thanks for your open and honest answer at The Big Question today.