Saturday, October 29, 2005

Goodness shines through

I'm not sure if I'm am naive or if it just my nature to see the good in things.....but as a whole I think most people are honest and good. There have been a few instances at work that have shown this. One gentleman made a return for a $40 something item but I inadvertantly circled the one above it for $100. I did the return, gave him his change and he left. Only to come back and tell me that I returned the wrong item and gave him too much change. Another guy was making an exchange but at the same time told me that there was an item that got placed in his bag at the register without being rung up and he hadn't paid for it. When I shared this with others on my break they told me similar stories. People are good. Bad things happen and there are those that may not be as honest, but I like to think that most people are. I also believe that sharing these stories and even being a part of them will spread to others and in the end make this a better world.

I believe that everyone is born with goodness. Hatred and evil are learned things. Things that are learned can be un-learned, but the goodness we are all born with will always be there waiting to come out. Just a little something I wanted to share.....a little goodness to spread your way. Let your light shine on others today!


trishaanne7 said...

Fabulous post girl. To acknowledge others greatness shows your big time!!

Windfall Woman said...

People call me Pollyanna (amongst other things), but I am with you Peach. I like to believe that people are intrinsically good.

McSwain said...

Gorgeous picture! There are so many good people out there, if only we aren't so cynical that we keep focused on the bad.