Monday, October 31, 2005

A last minute Halloween

We (read: mom) pulled it off! My daughter decides she is going to go trick-or-treating with her boyfriend and his mom and little sister. The two of them traded roles. He wore one of her short bluejean skirts, t -shirt, black fishnet hosiery, and a pair of my black zip-up boots. He also wore a wig and make-up. She just really bummed out, put her hair up and wrapped a bandana around her head and wore a pair of her brothers baggy jeans and a big jersey. Also colored in a mustache and gotee. She was terribly disappointed with the results though, said she still looked like a girl. I told her she was too pretty to NOT look like one. Well that was all their work. Now the youngest wants to go with them (this was all decided just last night). We decide he is going to go as a puppy-dog. He wears his brothers brown sweat pants and a brown sweat shirt. I went by Wal-mart today and bought 1/4 yd of some brown furry material, and a cute hat that is suede patches on one side and brown fur on the inside w/a pair of matching gloves (Brittany wants these after he is done, double duty-yea!). I cut out a set of floppy ears and pinned them to the hat (turned inside-out), used some black shoe polish on his nose and presto! - cute puppy-dog! Add a leash and off they went.

We also had not gotten a pumpkin as of today and my son insists we have to have a pumpkin. So I picked up one on the side of the road (leave your money in a tin box) and he carved it when he got home from school. I cleaned up the seeds and just finished roasting them and am snacking as I type. Also sipping on a cup of hot cider spiked with a tad of rum. It all came together.

Happy Halloween to all and watch out for ghost's and goblin's!


McSwain said...

This all was sounding so wonderful, then I got to the cider with rum. I'm flying to your house! Happy Halloween.

chesneygirl said...

Great job at throwin' something together so quick!!

Our Halloween was soooo much fun!! Adam was so good and he had a blast! :)
I'll be posting pictures soon! :)


steelcowboy said...