Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Truly Wonderful Day!!

I had my interview this morning with Cabela's and.....GOT THE JOB!! I am so excited. Out of all the places I applied this is the one I really wanted and there is a bonus to it....the pay is actually the best out of all that I applied for. Cool huh? I start in about 2 weeks. They first have to run a background check on me. Other than knocking off the cookie jar when I was 5-6 years old, I should have a pretty clean history. And just for the record, that was never proven! The evidence of chocolate smeared all over my face was strictly circumstantial!

Today brought another blessing.....I found My Faith...WAIT!!! before you click over to it, let me explain a little. Before I got into Blogging I created this website. But due to technical difficulties (and me not knowing what the heck I was doing), I lost the site. I thought it was gone forever, lost out in the wide world of cyber space. Well, I found it. I don't know how but I am so grateful that I did. So I will discontinue posting recipes here and put them in their proper place on that site, and I will discontinue my new Blog "Food for your Soul", since that is the main essence of my web site. It is a bit outdated (last post was just after Christmas) but I will try to update it soon. Feel free to browse the archives. I hope you enjoy!

Also, my daughter, who applied to a few places yesterday, got a phone call today from her top pick and has an interview on Monday. I'm sure she will do fine. It is at a local little pizzaria type place in town. Really good food.

Still waiting to hear something for my husband but I have faith the right thing will happen. He is starting to feel the stress of all this, so I hope for his sake something happens soon. I know he wants to jump on anything he can right now, but he is capable of SO much! He is a smart guy and can do what ever he sets his mind to. He can do so much better than just 'settling' for something. He could certainly use an Angel in a black leather jacket. But I know God works in His own ways, in His own time. We just have to be patient and have faith.


steelcowboy said...

Congrats on the new job!
You are so right, the Lord works in His own ways and time..

David said...

Congrats on the new job and thanks for stopping by to visit me on several occasions. Hope the hubby finds something soon as well.

Like Cabela's a lot but the grandkids enjoy even more.

McSwain said...

A very, very wonderful day indeed!

McSwain said...

Oh my gosh! Okay--Did you read my meme where I said I have a crush on Smokey Robinson?? This is my FAVORITE Smokey song rerecorded!