Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Warning! Warning!

Said like the robot on "Lost in Space", waving his arms wildly! (Or is it "Danger! Danger!"?)

As you may have noticed I no longer have music videos on my site. I have noticed when I go to those pages I tend to get oodles of pop-up boxes and as soon as I close one, two more pop up. I knew this couldn't be good. One site was worse than another. I'm also computer suave, and smart enough to know that you don't get something for nothing. The financial backing for these sites comes from advertising and the smart advertisers have learned how to take over your computer. Anyway, the last time (yesterday) I went to one of these sites my computer really started acting up and I couldn't even get into Explorer. Needless to say I was quite p***....uh....(shame on me).....perturbed. I just reformatted my computer a couple of weeks ago and thought I was going to have to do the same thing, but luckily I had the sense to use my "restore" feature and just restored it to the settings of the day before. This solution worked (whew!).

So just a heads up for those of you using music videos or considering it.....don't say I didn't warn you!


McSwain said...

Is that happening when you load the videos onto your own site, or when you visit other sites that have videos?

4evergapeach said...

No worries Cheryl, it is only if you go to one of the sites to load a video yourself. Going to other Blogs or sites that have one is no problem.

steelcowboy said...

It's Danger Danger ;)
Using Firefox, I don't have many issues with problems like that; it blocks the nasties.

Suzy said...

Love the name of your blog! =) Wanted to pop by and say hello and thank you for the nice comment on my blog this morning! I'm new to this blogging stuff and really love it when someone stops by and leaves a nice makes life more enjoyable and interesting, as least for me it does! lol And if someone minds your a Christian, then shame on them! =) Thanks for sharing the's one of my new favorites!


PS...I have no idea how to do video's on my blog...I'm still workin' on music!! =)

Suzy said... I just realized you meant the Christian remark due to copying So sorry!!

midwest_hick said...

I dumped the music on my site for a bit.....not sure if I'll put it back on in the future.

Pirate said...

Man if that doesn't conjur ones youth. Warning, warning, Will Robinson.

curious servant said...

Thanks for watching out for us.

That is one advantage of having an Apple. I haven't gotten a single virus in the last five years.

BTW I loved that show so much. The kid was my age and we shared the same name.